Excellent Solution For Your Business

Azytec Inc. is founded in September 2015. At Azytec Inc, we help each candidate where they can find not just a job, but a place to belong and grow. Besides, our ability is to meet the needs of our clients in manufacturing industry segments. We work closely with our clients toward building long-term relationship and evaluate their ever changing short term and long term staffing needs. 

 Ninety percent of our clients are manufacturing companies. Due to our firsthand experience of being a manufacturer, we know exactly how to satisfy our clients' needs in workforce when they face a mission-critical yet budget-sensitive challenge in their line. With the right knowledge and precise know-how, our job in filling the imperative need in shortest possible time and low cost always brings ultimate satisfaction to our clients. By doing so, we help our clients to stretch the values for each dollar they spend to the maximum. This we believe is the survival key for the current competitive arena in production. 

One the other hand, we value people' talent. When placing, we always try to make such a match that optimizes the worker's value. In doing that, we accomplish a triple-win in an employer-agency-employee relationship.

Service Overview

With years of experience in manufacturing and in placing skills for manufacturers, our customer spread around Northern California. If you are looking for flexibility, if you are tired of and want to cut through the prolonged negotiation process and the sky rocketing rate from your agency, if you want to have the job done as soon as it can, give us a call today or contact us through email.